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EWEN Scientific Committee

Dr Rasmus Bovbjerg Jensen (Chair)

Mr Samy Julliand

Prof Jo-Ane Murray

Dr Simon Daniels

Prof Ingrid Vervuert

Dr Federica Raspa

Dr Femke Schaafstra

EWEN 2024 Local Organizing Committee

Dr Rasmus Bovbjerg Jensen and colleagues

Dr Simon Daniels (Abstract submission)

Dr Agnieszka Waliczek (Secretary)

EWENA Committee

Prof Meriel Moore-Colyer (Chair)

Committee to be confirmed

Following the 2022 meeting the EWEN community decided to set up EWENA (European Workshop on Equine Nutrition Association), a copy of the original constitution can be found in this link. Work is ongoing to bring this to fruition and we hope to have this fully launched for the next EWEN in 2024

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